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No more rainforest destruction for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic authorities promised to host one of the greenest Olympic games in history. Shockingly, RAN and our allies found them using significant volumes of rainforest wood to build their new National Olympic Stadium. The timber is from a supplier that has a well documented history of rainforest destruction, illegal logging and human rights abuses.

Earlier this month, RAN and dozens of allied organizations delivered an open letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Olympic authorities demanding an end to the use of rainforest wood to construct the Tokyo Olympic facilities. So far, they’ve denied the risks in their sourcing practices and failed to adopt stronger safeguards to protect rainforests and respect human rights.

That’s why we need your voice now. We need a public outcry to break through to the Olympic authorities to let them know the reputation and credibility of the iconic Olympic games are at stake. By taking action now, we can help prevent further use of rainforest wood and make sure the Olympics adopts strong safeguards on rainforests and human rights.